Presale of Goldelim

May - June 2019.
Earn 50% Commission Instantly

Take advantage of this pre-sale before the offer will end. We have 7 million Gol coins reserved for this pre-sale and as soon as we finished selling them we will close the pre-sale before the official date. 

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You can benefit from this pre-sale in two ways: First you can be a buyer or be a promoter. Our buyers enjoy great discount and our promoters or affiliates will get a direct cash bonus and bonus in Gol coins that worth millions of dollars when sales begins at the exchange site from July 2019. Our promoters don’t need cash to make cash through this system. All they need to do is refer someone to buy and make money and they will get Gol coins and cash instantly.

Gol coin will overtake bitcoin; it is the best alternative to bitcoin. It will be listed on an exchanger by July where you can exchange it into bitcoin and many stores will start accepting Gol coin as a currency. Many people will use Gol coins to shop many products online from November 2019. 

The current value of 1 Gol Coin is $18.25 but at this presale you get this cheap offer for about $0.1 - $0.5 which will last for only 4 weeks. The price should rise so high because of the millions of people who shall use our coin. The coming exponential demand will drive the value of our few digital currency so high. This is why you need it now. 


How To Register To Promote Gol Coins And Earn A Commission And Bonus

1. Register at
2. Login to your account and click on product.
3. Copy and paste the below Gol Coin presale URL in the space provide and click on register:
4. Then a special link will appear for you. Anyone you give or wherever you share it on the internet and anyone clicks on it and buys, the money goes to your own account.
5. Remember to select your own type of payment method in the setting before you begin sharing your link to your customers.


1. Register on our website:
2. Make payment by any of the payment methods below.
3. Contact us by email with your proof of payment.
4. We will send the Gol Coin within few minutes when payment is confirmed.



You can buy with Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, Skrill, Payeer or with payoneer.