Crypto is derived from the word Cryptography, which is a process of mining tokens into digital currency that is protected by a set of codes. Cryptocurrency simply put is digital money.

Digital currency is currency that encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and to verify the transfer of funds, it operates independent of a central bank. Most people have used digital money for long without even realizing it. Airtime used to recharge mobile phones for calls and internet use is digital currency.

Cryptocurrency (digital money) is potent! It is different from multi-level marketing or pyramid building business schemes. It is not (ponzi) scam. It is a new technology that has come to stay with lots of reward for everyone who would venture into it. The world is shifting to a better and easy way of banking and Cryptocurrency is the only option.

Just like the invention of higher definition phones, computers, cars e.t.c, Cryptocurrency is a new technology in the financial industry, to improve financial transactions. It's fast, reliable, and much more secure, it attracts less money transfer charges and the convenience and satisfaction of self-service funds transfer cannot be over-emphasized.

There are many yet different crypto-currencies in circulation. Below are a few:

•	Goldelim
•	Bitcoin
•	Ethereum
•	Litecoin
•	Dogecoin
•	Dashcoin
•	Zcash
•	Monero
•	Nem
•	Augur
•	Swisscoin
•	Onecoin
Our ancestors used different means as exchange medium and one of such was trade by barter, cowries, metals,gold and to the fiat currencies we have dollars, pounds, and Yen e.t.c today. People have come to accept the above as legal tender for goods and services. Anything that is generally acceptable as a medium of exchange that creates value is some type of currency. They are legal tenders. The latest currency man has invented is the crypto-currency and it is digital in nature.

Crypto currency was first discovered in 2008 by Japanese scientist, and officially launched in 2009. The crypto-currency was called Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first digital money that was invented and still very much in circulation. In 2009 the selling price was 0.009 per dollar, but today 1 Bitcoin is over $8,000.
In America, there are over 1,500 ATM machines using bitcoin and over 62 airlines that accepts bitcoin.


•	It is a fast means of transaction. Funds transferred gets to recipients  worldwide  in no time.
•	High bank charges are eliminated; and large amount of funds attract minimal charges only.
•	Monies are highly secured in crypto-currencies, protected securely by cryptography. It’s important to keep passwords safe.
•	Profit is derived from it, it’s value grows consistently.
•	It saves from government huge tax payments on companies
•	It reduces inflation in the economy because it cuts out the cost of printing physical cash.

There are two major functions of crypto-currency namely:
1.	It is a medium used for the purchase of goods and services. 
2.	It is also a potent medium for Investments. 
The value of crypto-currency grows consistently. People purchase crypto-currency and keep for as long as they wish for profitable future transactions. The value of crypto-currency keeps increasing due to its high global demand. As demand for crypto-currency increase the value increases as well. 

It is worthy of note that of the 7 billion population of people in the world, less than 1% are exploring this new yet potent currency, crypto-currency. The market is huge and the wise should take this important opportunity and explore it for profit!

You can only make progress in life if you take calculated risks. Therefore, be wise and invest NOW to reap a good fortune in no long future.

Note that the difference between the rich and the poor is information and the ability to take risk. Information is available to all but the wise take it and maximize it thereby making profit and becoming wealthy as a result.

Firstly, identify the specific crypto-currency which you want to invest in, register their appropriate website and then open a wallet. When your wallet is opened, you will receive a wallet address (which is your bank account number). You can use your wallet to receive your crypto-currency whenever there is a transaction.

You are stronger encouraged to invest in Goldelim crypto-currency now!

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The Presale of Goldelim crypto-currency is starting from 15th December 2017 to end on 15th January 2018. This window will be shut that early because there is limited supply in circulation, early purchase of Goldelim crypto-currency indicates a good offer!

This is your rare opportunity to own your own earned gold; this is bearing in mind that Goldelim crypto-currency is backed by Gold and diamond.

Goldelim crypto-currency is the first crypto-currency that will be backed by the power of gold, people and security. It is a peer-to-peer system of financial exchange and a highly decentralized system of transaction.