The way forward for Goldelim Coin

The management of Goldelim community wishes to appreciate all who participated in the presale of the Goldelim coin. It was a historic moment and the experience has afforded us the opportunity to learn a lot. We are better poised to serve you even better! We will continue to work at evolving a better and more robust website for your advantage thereby giving you better services. 

The long awaited Goldelim Web-wallet would be ready for all customers this February 2018. All who desire to begin transactions using the goldelim wallet address will be able to do so. This Wallets will enable all to transfer Gol. coins to friends , families and business partners at all times and globally too without any barriers. Bearing in mind the major purpose for the creation of cryptocurrency, peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a third party is made very easy now even with Goldelim as a means for transaction. Congratulations to the Goldelim community and esteemed customers as peer to peer transactions will become a reality this February.

All Goldelim coin owners will have access to their wallets this February, however, those who earned the free 20 Gol. coins from registration will be required to pay a token fee of $10 in order to have their web-wallets activated. Note that without the token fee of $10, such people will be unable to transfer Gol coins from their wallets. This fee will be used by the Goldelim company in the maintenance of our sites, hosting and management. 

To pay the $10 fee, please go to: 
Thank you for your patronage! 

We have the target of growing the Goldelim community from our present number of 20,000 people to 1 million people before the end of this year. This vision is achievable because you are all here to partner with us and grow our coin! Therefore, we need all our members to put their hands on deck as we together achievement this goal! The more people we have purchasing and transacting business with Goldelim coin the higher the rise in value and price of the Gol coins. There are only 5 million Gol coins that were pre-mined; this means that there will be scarcity of the same in a couple of months and that will raise the value of our coin to the status of gold.This is should be the ultimate goal of every member of this community.

The preparing for the mining of Goldelim coins is ongoing and the mining licenses and codes will be made available to the public at the right time. 

We had successful presales, 2,631,762 Gol coins were sold, 368,238 were given to the Goldelim team, 1,000,000 were reserved for business developmen and 1,000,000 were reserved to be shared as bonuses, (air-drops). The bonuses is to build and make provision for the financially underprivileged and to further develop the goldelim community. The Goldelim community has poverty eradication and financial empowerment as part of their core goals. 

The Goldelim community is open for constructive suggestions. Kindly Please contact us via 

Thank you. 


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The ongoing Presales of Goldelim has been extended for two weeks, giving you another opportunity to purchase your own GOL coins.

We have lost time due to the extra time taken to develop the website to make it more robust. The Team has therefore decided to extend the presales by two weeks to accommodate more investors.
Sales close 14th February 2018. Hurry now and purchase yours! Create your own success story now!
The Web-Wallet will be opened officially 28th February 2018, enabling you to do your peer to peer transactions using your GOL coins.

30th January, 2018

2nd January 2018

It’s historical! The presale of GOLDELIM coin commenced today.
Our programmers, developers and marketers have worked tirelessly to make this a reality. This is a great opportunity for people globally to own their own digital coins which is equivalent to gold in value. The PRESALE price of one GOLDELIM coin is $0.1 cent, and it will to rise to $21.23 after the presale.

The price will rise because the number of GOLDELIM coins in circulation is LIMITED and the demand is rising fast. There are just 5,000,000 Goldelim coins that were premined. Note that the law of demand and supply is at play here. The demand for our coin is rising and soon these coins will be distributed to different people globally. Thereafter, there will be scarcity of Goldelim coin thereby causing a bigger demand for it and the value at this point will rise.

You are encouraged to invest in Goldelim coin now! Purchase yours and reserve for when the value will rise.
Welcome to the goldelim community where everyone owns gold.


5th January 2018

The sales and also distribution of 20 free Gol coins is ongoing right now.
It is not news that there are certain individuals that desire to own Crytocurrency yet cannot afford it. Goldelim company however out of a benevolent spirit is giving out 20 Gol coins each to 10,000 people! This however is a one-off offer !
Each individual is expected to have only one account.

Note that your account can only be activated if you purchase a minimum of $10 Gol coins.

Kindly share this rare opportunity with beloved ones!



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